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Each town, village, or city will have various leaf removal pickup schedules. Find out by contacting the local department to obtain a schedule. We’ve come up with a list of the most common methods to rid those pesky leaves:

  • Raking: The most common and inexpensive way to remove leaves from a yard is by raking them up.
  • Leaf blower: Simplifies the leaf removal task at hand. Buy a quality leaf blower for around $50. Electric ones tend to be cheaper, but only a good idea for small lawns, because of the electrical cord.
  • Mulch: Depending on how many trees, mulching the leaves with a lawn mower may be the easiest bet. The leaves would provide fertilization of the lawn, while virtually eliminating cleanup. Mulching lawn mowers can be pricey, but buying one during the off season will save the cost on that purchase.
  • Farm it out: If the costs associated with buying a leaf blower are too much, another option of course, is to hire out the job.

There are several things you should know when gathering leaves:

  • Try not to mix leaves with any rocks or debris, as this has been known to clog machinery.
  • Avoid piling branches on leaf piles.
  • And finally, avoid piling leaves in the street as this can cause very hazardous conditions.