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Keep Your Landscaping Looking Great

Trimming a lawn is like putting the icing on the cake—not required, but it adds so much to that manicured touch. Normally a complete trimming and edging should be done about every 3 – 4 mowings.

ADVICE: Strongly suggest wearing hearing protection when operating equipment producing noise of 85 dBA or more, a level exceeded by most lawn mowers and gas powered-trimmers.

ALWAYS wear protective eye wear when operating a trimmer. Although some trimmers may contain “guards”, they are not sufficient for keeping eyes free of danger. Additionally, wear jeans or other clothing over their legs to protect from flying debris and the nylon string that can puncture and cut your skin while power trimming.

What’s the difference between edging and trimming? Edging is a vertical cut and trimming is a horizontal cut.

  • Edgers usually have a short metal blade similar to a lawn mower blade. This is positioned perpendicular to the ground.
  • Trimmers or “weed eaters” are usually done with heavy nylon string that rotates in a circular motion, parallel to the ground.
  • Both use different pieces of equipment or attachments. However, the difference between a good lawn and a great lawn may only be a trimming or edging away.

Buying tips

When buying a gas-powered trimmers or edgers, costs range from about $80 up to $300. Electric models run from $40 – $90. Having a larger yard with areas that are in excess of 100′ – 150′ away from your electrical outlets, then gas powered trimmers may be the best bet. Additionally, gas powered trimmers are much more mobile than the electrical versions and can be carried and transported with every little time and effort. Keep in mind that the gas powered versions also, run two-stroke engines and frequently require gas/oil mixing and additional maintenance.

Obviously buying both a trimmer and edger for a lawn of less than an acre in size may seem like a lot of money. Spending around $200 for one of these machines is the limit. Many horizontal trimmers can be turned to cut vertically as well (for edging). Horizontal trimmers can do a very good job of edging as well. Although they may not look as sharp as a true edger, they will do the job and save money at the same time.